About Balwin Ratra

My journey started in 2012 as a graduate from Stony Brook University with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. During this time, I was an intern for the Family Transitional Lab, where I learned how psychologists use brief interactions between couples to distinguish with 90% accuracy the probability of divorce or a happy marriage. As a student of Professor Everett Waters, I learned the complexities and difficulties in changing human behavior and the precise factors required for parents to create healthy attachments for their child.

I soon became as student of David Newar & Alex Marino, throughout which I learned how to fully take in the experience of another human being and allow myself to impulsively respond honestly to the truth of a person rather than allowing an idea of the person to dictate an unconscious response. Later as a student of Anthony Robbins in 2013, I gained skills in the transformative benefits of modeling people, the motivations of human psychology, and the skill of relentless action to attain transformation.This was further reinforced when I became a member of the National Guild of Hypnotism, where I was trained on how to induce states of receptivity for clients to anchor deeper reinforcements for the change they desired.

As an intern of Real Social Dynamics in 2014, I continued to expand and learned how to understand nonverbal communication and how to authentically communicate as opposed to allowing the social hierarchy of the environment to dictate what is appropriate. This was reinforced later that year when I became a student and intern for Anthony Recenello’s Wolf and Garden Program. I enhanced my social and communication skills on engaging and expressing my truth in any social context. Later in 2015, I further developed this social awareness when I became a graduate of the Landmark Forum. I became educated on the human necessity of self-expression for creation and how to use language and sharing to heal unresolved inner trauma.

Carrying the integrity I had gained from Landmark, in late 2015 I became a student of NYC’s One Taste Coaching Program on Orgasmic Meditation (OM). I awakened to see existing parts of people underneath their social masks and learned to lovingly hold space for them to nurture parts of them which they had repressed. I learned how to relate with the feminine and soon became a certified coach in the field of practicing and teaching Orgasmic Meditation through their 6-month intensive coaching program. To support this growth in human sexuality in 2016, I became a student of Michiko Takatani & Om Rupani. With Michiko I continue to practice kundalini yoga and Neo Tantric methods on how to increase sexual pleasure and improve performance. As a student of Om, I was opened to the art of BDSM to safely explore intimate archetypes in relationships. Through working with both their practices I have learned how to cultivate sexual energy and convert it into vitality.

In early 2017 I continued to develop in the area of communication and body language through enrolling in acting school at NYC’s William Esper Studio. Here I continued to broaden my comfort zone in the art of self-expression and the ability to be more present in conversations, improving my own listening and communication skills. During this time, I also took Improv classes and performed in multiple Improv shows in NYC. Through acting school, I was introduced to Akil Apollo Davis, with whom I continue to do Mask Acting Workshops with. Taking a focus to my health and body in late 2017, I have done extensive work with the coaches of the American Center of the Alexander Technique (ACAT). The Alexander Technique has come to be internationally recognized as a vital resource by people in all walks of life and has been validated by scientific studies as beneficial for back and neck pain. I am currently in the final year of their Teacher Certification Program and have developed a deep understanding of the relationship between the head and neck and how it affects the back and rest of the body.  I’ve trained myself on this unique method that has helped others cure chronic pain, poor posture, poor coordination, breathing issues, stuttering, emotional challenges and more. I also continue to train and develop my physical body at SlowBurn Training in NYC, a revolutionary physical training gym referred to me by Anthony Robbins, that has married efficiency and results to increase flexibility and strength while reducing fat in just one 30-minute workout.

I continue to expand with a vast array of practices and with my own personal coaches who are experts in their craft. This includes Mask Acting Workshops with Akil Apollo Davis, Orgasmic Meditation with Ken Blackman, Neo-Tantra with Michiko Takatani, Financial Mastery with Anthony Robbins, Integral Yoga, Vipassana Meditation & Reiki with Hamsa Spagnola, and Masculine Feminine Polarity & Ego Workshops with David Deida.