Conscious Intimacy Training

This program is intended for the Man who wants to be able to see and stroke his woman better then she can herself, with the intention of leaving both of you feeling sexually nourished, energetically beaming, while hitting new extremes of electricity.  This program is for the Woman who is ready to feel connected to her body and have more orgasm, pleasure, and deep intimacy.

For beginners, we will cover the philosophy of orgasm, the do’s and don’ts of the practice, and how to set up your practice to invigorate your consciousness, intimacy, energy, and sexuality. We will be building from the basics on this fresh technique and thus beginners must sign up for a minimum of 3 sessions, each session lasting 90 mins, in order to get established in this practice.

For more advanced students who have already been established in the basics, we will take a deep dive by looking into what occurs for you during your practice. We will bring attention to what shows up for you to understand how it’s impacting you and your partner. We will also focus on different perspectives that inspire an adjustment in your attention and play of the practice. Advance sessions are highly customized to serve your needs. I also offer beginner and advance Training sessions for couples!

The Conscious Intimacy Training sessions are held over video chat or in-person at your convenience. If you are in a different location then myself, the video chat is recommended. However, if in-person coaching is requested, my travel costs must be reimbursed. During in-person sessions there is no touching or stroking involved in my presence and the sessions are fully clothed.

To sign up or learn more please email or call 516-754-4038.