Fulfillment Mentorship

The Fulfillment Mentorship is a full-time immersive commitment to the process of ‘waking up’ in your relationships and purpose. You will be required to commit to playing at your fullest edge in every area of your life for an entire month. There will be homework on a daily basis and students will be required to apply the tools and teachings in all areas of mind, body and spirit. This program can take many forms and is intensive, requiring you to completely surrender to this process. The goal is no longer transformation in one area, it is fulfillment and self-actualization in the wholeness that is you.

Fulfillment Mentorship takes place over the course of one month and includes one hour private coaching sessions twice a week. This is held over the phone, video chat or in person at your convenience. Mentorship also include 24/7 access to me through e-mail and text as well as an open door to call and meet me in person any time.

To sign up or learn more please email coaching@balwinratra.com or call 516-754-4038.