Couples Intimacy Workshop

This private workshop allows couples to rekindle their desires and connect with each other on levels that were previously inaccessible. It is intended for those who are yearning to experience an extraordinarily deep intimate connection with their partner as well as understand the tools it takes to summon that energy at-will. If you feel that special spark has plateaued or faded in your relationship, come have a breakthrough in loving pleasure, deep connection, and intimate desire. I will be co-leading this workshop with an experienced female instructor.

The Intimacy workshop will begin with both partners participating in intimate sharing of desires and fears to clear the air and connect vulnerably with each other’s truths. Then both man and woman will be temporarily separated so each can be individually instructed into connecting with their resonant polar states of being masculine and feminine. From here, there will be customized experiences such as demonstrations and exercises based on the couple’s needs and desires. Partners will be invited to close the workshop at their own discretion.

There will be a follow up morning call to synchronize and summarize the experience as well as create a trajectory to recreate this deep intimacy on your own. The workshop is 3 hours long and is held in-person in the comfort of your home. If you are in a different location then myself, my travel costs must be reimbursed.

To sign up or learn more please email or call 516-754-4038.