One on One Coaching

So you have done previous self-development work on yourself and find that you are content with the direction of your life. And yet often you just get slammed with unexpected difficulties and emotional unrest?

One on one sessions are coaching sessions designed to reveal the root of what exactly is blocking you from having your desires. We focus on giving tender intimacy and curiosity to the part of you that isn’t serving you with the goal of empowering you with clarity to fuel forward. The clients who pursue one on one coaching with me are those who are aligned with their purpose but they need help getting back into being connected and driven authentically as the person they know they are capable of being.

One on one single sessions are held over the phone, video chat or in person at your convenience. I offer a complementary call in order for us to understand each other better as well as give you a taste of what I can offer without any risk.

To sign up or learn more please email or call 516-754-4038.