Transformation Coaching

The three month Transformation Coaching package is intended for people who have had enough with not living their dreams. This is for someone who is exhausted from not being connected with the truest and strongest parts of themselves. Blissfulness is possible and available right now. Are you ready to do what is necessary to have it?

Like a trainer at the gym who supports you in maintaining your techniques in integrity and efficiency while continuously pushing you to your edge, this is an opportunity to have me fully back your transformation. Depending on what you are looking to create and have in your life, we will customize the resonant process to alchemize all resistance and obstacles to work through all barriers with support, attention, and action. This process will leave you transformed into a new paradigm and onto a new phase in your life. My intention by the end of this three month package is to leave you in such an empowered place that the problem you sought me for will completely cease to exist.

For this to happen the Transformation Coaching package includes assigned personalized homework and requests to use the tools given to confront your edge in current life situations. The package include private one hour coaching sessions held 3 times a month for three months over the phone, video chat or in person at your convenience. The package also include 24/7 access to me through e-mail and texts to support you in real time. The length of the package can be adjusted based on your goals and commitment to the transformation. I also offer month to month coaching which also includes one hour coaching sessions held 3 times during each month.

To sign up or learn more please email or call 516-754-4038.