From an early age, I was fascinated with discovering what makes a human being happy and fulfilled. I had spent more than enough time in my life over sleeping, bingeing on fast food and wasting entire days watching YouTube videos to learn that there is a deeper confronting adventure calling for me. Thus, open to all sources of wisdom, I used my own life as an experiment to truly dissect and perfect the recipe of what truly nourishes the deeper parts of self.

My journey has taken me from academic scholar, to professional poker player, to actor, to Daoism and Eastern meditation practices, to self help gurus, to profound yogic sexual communities. All of which have guided me to breathe what fulfills me most: a coaching career in supporting and igniting people who are inspired to pursue and live their most intimate dreams.

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Rami Hauter
28, Entrepreneur

“I have worked with Balwin Ratra for a long time now. For me, where he stands out from others is his exquisite level of attention and patience. He is able to listen and hone in on the actual spot or pattern that is causing issues for me. Then he empowers me towards my goals by helping me gain access to my own genius and brilliance. His vision and nature is undeniable in empowering anyone that he works with. You won’t regret it. “

Janira Martinez
31, Health and Life Coach

” Before working with Balwin I was really out of touch with what I wanted. I was mostly stuck in my head around the things I thought I should do and the things I thought would make me successful and even though I was doing all the seemingly right things I didn’t feel fulfilled or happy. Deep down I felt like something was missing. In coaching with Balwin, I learned what that was – a deep connection to my heart and my vulnerable desires. With his presence, attention and genius coaching I finally felt safe to admit what I really deeply wanted and eventually I had breakthroughs in all of these areas.”

Jane Z
33, Administrative Assistant

” I’ve had the opportunity to work with Balwin on a variety of situations. In all of my coaching calls with Balwin, his grounded presence and deep capacity to hold space for me allowed me to emotionally let go and fully feel into my body during each session: from joy when I discovered a new desire, to shame when I relived a childhood memory, and to all-out heartbreak crying from devastation and grief.Though Balwin was coaching me, it honestly felt like I was talking to a trusted friend with no judgments or biases. That’s what makes him a fantastic coach. “

24, Bodyworker & Coach

” Balwin has a pure heart and a relentless ambition – that combination is hard to find and it makes him an unbeatable coach. I’ve experienced deep moments of presence with Balwin both in friendship and in coaching. He has spent years perfecting his practices and becoming the man he wants to be, and everyone who comes into contact with him is a lucky beneficiary. “

Steven Nievas
48, Professional Decorator

” Balwin’s coaching was instrumental to me learning how to truly be vulnerable as a man. It helped me restore connections with friends and family alike. It made me feel in touch with my emotions again. Balwin has a very fine tuned skill as a coach to find the “spot” with careful and mindful precision. His coaching style is very gentle yet penetrating enough to quickly get past stories and negative self talk. My quality of life has definitely improved since receiving Balwin’s coaching. “


I offer a variety of private coaching sessions and programs in order to help you start living your truth.

One on One Coaching

So you have done previous self-development work on yourself and find that you are content with the direction of your life. And yet often you just

One on One Coaching
Transformation Coaching

The three month Transformation Coaching package is intended for people who have had enough with not living their dreams. This is for someone who is

Transformation Coaching
Fulfillment Mentorship

The Fulfillment Mentorship is a full-time immersive commitment to the process of ‘waking up’ in your relationships and purpose. You will be required to commit

Fulfillment Mentorship
Conscious Intimacy Training

This program is intended for the Man who wants to be able to see and stroke his woman better then she can herself, with the

Conscious Intimacy Training
Couples Intimacy Workshop

This private workshop allows couples to rekindle their desires and connect with each other on levels that were previously inaccessible. It is intended for those

Couples Intimacy Workshop
Wake Up Retreat

Coming Soon! Check back again later.

Wake Up Retreat

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I invest my full heart and soul into offering you authentic support on your path. Dedication is real and not for clients who are not equally as committed to transformation.




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